chicken growing with plant foods ..

rich in corn..

which is reared on Epirus farms..

and offers products

from pure chicken fillet..

The Company

LAMDA Promitheftiki Single Member PC (LAMDA Quality Foods) is a purely Greek company that operates in the food market.

The areas covered by LAMDA Quality Foods company are the purchase, production, marketing, retail and wholesale, processing, packaging, export and import of fresh and frozen meat and generally livestock species and all kinds of food.

The company's philosophy is the respect for the consumer, the excellent product quality, the cooperation with Greek producers and the creation of innovative proposals in the food market.

LAMDA Quality Foods continually invests in methods and machinery of new technology, as well as in qualified and experienced staff with excellent know-how while keeping up with the international developments in the food market.


Quality Assurance

The primary strategic choice for LAMDA Quality Foods is the Quality assurance. We take for granted that only the correct implementation of the quality assurance systems ensures the required stability in the quality of finished products, reliability and continuous development of the company.

Strict standards

LAMDA Quality Foods complies with the stricter requirements of modern, European and international standards in using all raw and auxiliary materials as well as packaging materials.

Quality and hygiene control

Our highly trained staff conduct continuous and thorough checks at all stages of: incoming and packaging materials, production process, intermediate and final products.

The Quality Control Department strictly controls all incoming cargo upon receipt on its facilities.

All packaging materials come from approved suppliers from Greece and abroad.

Throughout the production process within the facilities of the company sample checks are performed according to the specifications in each portion of intermediate and finished product.

The Self-test Department performs daily hygiene controls on the external surroundings, on the surfaces that come in contact with the products, personal hygiene and outfit of employees.

Checks are systematically performed on water quality samples from drilling in the company’s facilities for microbiological criteria and chemical analysis.


The company has procedures and integrated control system of product traceability at every stage of production. The products are fully tracked as they are transformed in various stages of production or moving in the supply chain.


In addition to the certification of production, a precondition for reliable and dynamic company's presence in the international market with high quality products whose packaging meet the most modern standards of hygiene and safety, is the certification by the most approved, international organizations.

Our company (LAMDA Quality Foods) implements Food Safety Management System under the requirements of the certification scheme FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION 22000 which includes the requirements of ISO 22000: 2005, ISO / TS 22002-1 and the additional requirements of FSSC 22000.

Our Products



LAMDA QUALITY FOODS has also become an official member of GS1 Association Greece, the only licensed organization in Greece to publish and manage barcodes with prefixes 520 and 521. GS1 Barcodes ensure the uniqueness of products and businesses around the world.

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LAMDA Promiftheftiki Single Member P.C.


K.Katerou 15 & Karaoli , 47132 , Arta , Greece
Tel +30 26810 51334 
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